Publishers and other interested persons:

Graphic—cover of Fielding's Alaska & the Yukon I have an excellent guidebook manuscript, ready for publication, except that some of the material included in it is now very out of date.

In fact my book has already been published under the title:

Fielding's Alaska and the Yukon.

At that time, the Fielding imprint was owned by William Morrow & Company. Almost the same day the book was coming off the press, Morrow decided to drop its guidebook line completely, and they sold the name “Fielding” elsewhere.

Through my own efforts, I made sure the book was reviewed by several publications, and it received universally excellent notices. But it was never promoted—never even carried in Morrow's catalogue.

Consequently, sales were disappointing — I believe about 8,000 copies out of a print run of 10,000. (Morrow granted me a $10,000 advance; it cost about $15,000 to do the research; the book subsequently earned me about $8,000 in royalties.)

I retained my copyright on the book, and later Morrow granted me full publishing rights (except, of course, for the “Fielding” title).

Since then I have been busy with newspaper and magazine travel articles and other editorial projects. But I would be interested in updating and republishing the Alaska/Yukon guidebook.  It will cost me around $5,000 in expenses, and about three months' time to update this guidebook.

If you are a book publisher, or if you know one who might be interested in this kind of publishing project, I would appreciate knowing about it. Of course, I am ready to provide more details as needed. Please e-mail me at the following address:

Or phone (925) 954-7388. I look forward to hearing from you!