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Bob Bone, foreign correspondent, London, 1958. 

(Loved that car, a Morris 8 that survived WW II. Cost:  About 30 Quid.)  


 Future travel writer and future gonzo journalist.



Robert W. Bone and Hunter S. Thompson on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, 1963.

When Hunter had hair, and Bob had a chest.

(You can read about this period in history from Hunter's unique perspective in his book, The Proud Highway  (Random House, 1997).


Future President and future international free-lancer.

V.P. G. H. W. Bush and R. W. Bone on Waikiki Beach, 1981...

"So your idea, Bone, is to sell guns to the Iranians to help them fight the Iraqis and also to convince them to help us gain release of hostages in Lebanon, and then use the money from those sales to help finance the Contras in Nicaragua so that they can fight communism in South America, thus helping make all those parts of the world more safe for American tourists? Hmm... I'll get back to you."




Bob Bone turista e clandestino

An enduring and somewhat spooky mystery: In 2000, an Italian movie was released with the title "Bob Bone, Tourist and Spy."  I have no idea how that came about. The main character is named Christina, which is my daughter's name. I plead guilty to being a tourist, at times, but never  to being a spy. (See the following:  .)


Honolulu Marathon Eve, Waikiki, December 2001.

Hunter, Bob, and Sean Penn,


On the death of Hunter,
February 20, 2005.

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