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by  Robert W. Bone: 

All Things Cruise,
May, 2015. A Columbia River Cruise.

WatchBoom Magazine, May, 2014: Summer in Hawaii.

WatchBoom Magazine, February, 2014: Olympia — Birthplace of the first Olympic Games .

WatchBoom Magazine, December, 2013. A Mad King’s Crazy Castles

WatchBoom Magazine, September, 2013. A Visit to Euskadi

WatchBoom Magazine, June, 2013. Bone Voyage: Praises for Singapore

WatchBoom Magazine, May, 2013. The Floating Dreamboat

WatchBoom Magazine, April, 2013. Cruising the Black Sea

WatchBoom Magazine, March, 2013. Alaska by Sea and Land.

WatchBoom Magazine, February, 2013. October, 2012: Rounding the Horn.

WatchBoom Magazine, January, 2013. Cunard Memories -- a Tale of Three Great Ships.

WatchBoom Magazine, December, 2012: Twelve Tips for Cruising Couples.

WatchBoom Magazine, October, 2012: A Classic Cruise on the Med.

WatchBoom Magazine, August, 2012: Last Song in Mazatlan.

My City, Mazatlan, June, 2012. Last Song in Mazatlan (in Spanish).

All Things Cruise, May, 2012. A fortnight of ancient history aboard the Aegean Odyssey.

All Things Cruise, April 11-28, 2012: Sailing into Antiquity..." daily blog trip archive. (Corrected chronological version, 12 parts.)

All Things Cruise, March 20, 2012: Cruising the Med is a Dutch Treat on the Nieuw Amsterdam.

WatchBoom Magazine, March, 2012: Cool discoveries in northern Arizona

ETN Global Travel Industry News, November, 2011: The Wong way is the right way for Hawaiian food (in San Francisco).

WatchBoom Magazine, August, 2011: Crystal Cruises, a small but solid choice

All Things Cruise, July, 2011: Many  sailings on  Crystal Cruises...

WatchBoom Magazine, March, 2011: Return to Vietnam

CruiseDiva.com, February, 2011: Norwegian Epic, NCL's New Show Boat.

Canada.com,  January, 2011:  The Winter Weary Play on the Dominican Republic's Silver sands.

WatchBoom Magazine, November, 2010: A Return to Rio.

Peter Greenberg Worldwide, May 2009: A Cruising Veteran's 12 Tips for Cruising Couples

 JPG Magazine, Dec. 15, 2007:  Vietnam, 40 Years Later

   Hawaii Travel News, Oct. 10, 2005:  Sea Life Park Luau
Features a Wholphin
(now removed).

Former VAX Vacation Access column on Hawaii travel by  Robert W. Bone



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  Travel Articles on Linda Coffman's award-winning web magazine, Cruise     Diva:  "Three  Important Shipmates" (2004), and ''Sailing in a Dream Boat" (2005). 

  Rain Forest Review. October 31, 2004: The full Hawaiian experience: 20 essential destinations (now removed)

  USA.Today, 2003. Heavenly Hawaii: Beachcombers' Paradise (now removed).



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