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As a veteran reporter, I've been known mainly for articles in North American newspapers. Nevertheless I also accept magazine assignments. Clippings or hyperlinks have found are listed below in reverse chronological order.

Some more recent ones may be seen by clicking the blue links below. Some lead to web pages of the publications; others are scans of the printed pages. (Some examples have been removed from primary web pages.)

Celebrated Living, Summer, 2011, Platinum Cruises

Celebrated Living, Summer, 2010, p. 72, Platinum Cruises

Celebrated Living, Summer, 2009, p. 86, For Luxury at Sea...

Going Places, March-April, 2009 “Port of Call -- Lahaina."

Interval World, Autumn, 2008, Singapore, Asia's Tiny Tiger

Celebrated Living, Summer, 2008, The Cruise picture is bigger and brighter than ever...

Going Places, March-April, 2008 “Essential Hawaii."  

Encompass, March/April, 2007, page 32. “Essential Honolulu.”  (Story and photos.)

National Geographic Traveler, January-February, 2007 Hot on Hawaii's Trail” p.42, "On the Road."  (Cover blurb: DRIVING HAWAII'S BIG ISLAND)

Generations Hawaii, October/November, 2006. “Touring Today's Vietnam.

Washington CEO Magazine, September, 2006. “Hallelujah! Hawaii.

Travel Weekly, March 6, 2006. Hawaii Insider column -- If you enjoy live entertainment, Honolulu won't disappoint.

Travel Weekly, December 8, 2005. Hawaii Insider column -- Hawaii's Celebrity Chefs.

Travel Weekly, October 17, 2005. 20 Things you might not Know about Hawaii.

Travel Weekly, September 19, 2005. Sea Life Park's new luau rated top quality.

Travel Weekly, August 15, 2005. Pearl Harbor 60th anniversary end of WW II.

EnCompass, March/April, 2005. Hawaiian Health Spas

AAA Living MagazineMarch-April, 2005. “Mahalo, Maui.” 

Destination Hyatt 2005/Maui. P. 95. “Maui, Called the Valley Isle.” 

Travel Weekly, February 2, 2004. Crystal to 'take a break' from interisland series.” 

Physician's Money Digest, November 15, 2003, Tasmania -- Holidays Aussie Style.” 

Home & Away, November/December, 2003, “Aloha to the Past.” 

Encompass, May/June, 2003. Hawaii, the Second Time Around.” 

Travel Age WestFebruary 17, 2003. “30 Things You Really Should Know Before Visiting the Aloha State.” 

Travel Age West, January 6, 2003. Cook Islands Get Airlift Reprieve from Aloha.” 

Going Places, November-December, 2002, p. 8 “A Malihini's Guide to Hawaii.” (link removed)

Home & Away, November/December, 2002, p. 21 “48 Hours in Honolulu.”  (link removed)

TravelAge West, May 13, 2002, “Hawaiian 101.

Modern Bride, February/March, 2002, p. 611 “Oahu, a Tale of Two Islands.”

 Costco Connection, January, 2002, p,. 59. “Travel: The Art of the Cruise -- Tips for making the best of your dream vacation at sea.

 Home & Away, November/December, 2001, p. 22 “The Big Island's Belt Road.” (link removed)

TravelAge West -- Focus on Maui, April 16, 2001 “Beyond the Beach.”

New Choices, February, 2001, p. 32 "Kailua Beach, Oahu."

Hawaii Westways
, August-September, 2000 “Going Over Down Under,” page 12.

Westways  -- July-August, 2000. “Whats New...Travel -- Going Over Down Under,” page 26, and “Food for Flight," pp. 26-27.

TravelAge West -- Journey, May 15, 2000. “A Feast For the Senses.” (Flowers and fruit in the Hawaiian summer).

TravelAge West -- Journey, April 17, 2000. “A First-Timer's Primer.” (Maui, Molokai and Lanai).

Flightlines, Vol. VII., No 1, January, 2000. “The Big Island, the Original Hawaii.”

Christian History, Issue 63, 1999, p. 11. A fjord in Norway... full page photo.

Home & Away, September/October, 1999, “A New Pearl.”

Hawaii Westways,
April/May, 1999. “Maui Memories.”

, Vol. V, No. 1, January, 1998. “Non-Stop Hawaii.

Home & Away,
July/August, 1998, “Australian Adventure.”

Home & Away,
September/October, 1998, “Paradise Found -- the Big Island.”

Vol. V., No 2, November, 1998. Hawaii--It's a Sporting Life.”

Car & Travel, September/October, 1997. “Hawaii Written in Stone.”

Car & Travel, November/December, 1997. “The Kohala Come Calling"

Car & Travel, November/December, 1997. "The Snow Birds Arrive.”

Journeys, 1996. “Aloha, Where the Hula met the Muumuu.”

Chicago Tribune Magazine, March 17, 1996. “On the Beach.”

Cruise & Vacation Views, May, 1995. “Aloha Hawaii.”

Recommend, January, 1994. “Alaska Journeys, Call of the Wild.”

 Diversion, February, 1992. "A First-Timer's Guide to Australia.” (Cover article.)

Midwest Living
, April, 1992. “The Fun and Friends Guide to Hawaii.”

Travel 50 & Beyond,
Winter, 1992. "Waikiki -- From Village to High-Rise Resort.”

Hawaiian Airlines Magazine, October, 1992. “The Greening of Blue Hawaii.”

Travel Smart,
October 15, 1992. “The Scoop on Hawaii Vacations.”

Recommend, January, 1991. “Active New Zealand Vacations.”

Hawaiian Airlines Magazine
1991. “Hawaii's Own Miss America.”

May, 1991. “Cruising the Aloha Way.”

June, 1991.
“A Beginner's Guide to Alaska" (Cover article.)

Fall, 1991. “Waikiki: Less Glitz, More Hawaii.”

Balance, January/February, 1990. "Queenstown, a Land for All Seasons.”

March, 1990. “Hawaii for Everyone.”

June, 1990. “Meetings in Paradise.

Pacific Northwest,
September, 1990. “Outward Bound.”

September, 1990. “Hong Kong, Alive and Well.”

October, 1990. “More Maui for Less Money.”

Fall, 1990. “The Best of Maui.”

Pleasant Hawaii Magazine,
Winter, 1990. “Niihau.”

Hawaii Hospitality, November, 1989. "Sheraton Turns 30.”

Recommend Worldwide, January, 1988. “World of Gum Drop Mountains.”

Travel Today, January 25, 1988. “Hawaii's Old Flame Still Aglow.”

Travel Today,
March 14, 1988. “Visitors Will Not Forget Pearl Harbor.”

Recommend Worldwide, March, 1988. “South Island's Dunedin.”

Pleasant Hawaii,
Winter, 1988. “Forbidden Island.”

April, 1988. “Mission Among the Palms.”

Recommend Worldwide,
June, 1988. “Accommodations Focus: Hawaii.”

July(?), 1988. “Springtime in New Zealand.”

August, 1988. “A Tale of Two Hotels.”

November, 1988. “Winter Fun in Alaska.”

Recommend Worldwide, February, 1987. “Exploring the Big Island.”

March, 1987. “Sheer Beauty, the High Cliffs of Molokai.”

Honolulu, March, 1987. “Diamond Head in the Rough.”

, May, 1987. “Relaxing at LAX.”

July, 1987. “Singapore fling.”

Honolulu, September, 1987. “Land of the Gumdrop Mountains.”

November, 1987. “Australia's Bicentenary.”

December, 1987. “Destination Maui.”

December, 1987. “Flight to the Forbidden Island.”

Honolulu, February, 1986. “San Diego City Tour.”

Going Places,
February/March, 1986.

April, 1986. “Neighbor Island Nightlife.”

April, 1986. “On the Road to Malaysia.”

May, 1986. “Hula Dancers from the Philippines in Canada.”

June, 1986. “Kamaaina Summer Getaways.”

July, 1986. “Australia's Ayers Rock.”

Honolulu, August, 1986. “Playing the Travel Game.”

November, 1986. “Neighbor Island Adventures.”

December, 1986. “The Talofa Spirit.”

Airways Inflight, January/February, 1985. “Madame Pele Comes Calling.”

Hyatt's Hawaii,
February, 1985. “Favorite Restaurants in Waikiki, a Personal List.”

July, 1985. “Vacation Suggestions For Non-Energetic Kamaainas.”

August, 1985. “The No-Name Hotel.”

Hyatt's Hawaii,
Fall, 1985. “Maui no ka oi!" and "Dining well in Lahaina and Kaanapali.

October, 1985. “Melbourne: A Revealing Portrait.”

October, 1985. “Bringing It All Back Home.”

November, 1985. “On the Beach.”

Honolulu, December, 1985. “Traveling Interisland -- at Sea Level.”

Going Places,
December, 1985/January, 1986. “Hawaii, a First-Timer's Guide to the Aloha State.”

National Geographic Traveler, Spring, 1984. (first issue) "Maui--Hawaii's Valley Isle.”

May, 1984. “Great Resorts of Hawaii.”

Travel & Leisure,
December, 1984. "Hawaii's Byodo-In Temple.”

Travel & Leisure, January, 1983. “Hawaii's New Resorts.” (Cover story.)

February, 1983. “Country Inns of Hawaii.”

November, 1983. “Paradise Found -- Maui's Hana Coast.”

Travel & Leisure, February, 1982. “Kona Village.”

July, 1982. “Across the Australian Desert.”

Signature, July, 1981. “New Zealand: The Land of  Fantastic Fish.”

Passages, September, 1981. “Where to Find the Best for the Least Money in Hawaii.”

Mainliner Magazine. October, 1981. “The Insider's Guide to Honolulu.”

United Mainliner,  March, 1980.  "Hawaii, the Sporting Side of the Islands.”

Travel & Leisure, September, 1980. “Airports: A Passenger's Approach to Honolulu.”

Flying Colors, October, 1980. "Oahu: the Heart of Hawaii.”

Arco Travel Club Magazine, October/November, 1979. “Hawaii On the Move.”

Travel & Leisure, January, 1979. "Honolulu to the North Shore.

Travel & Leisure, December, 1979. "Small Hotels of Honolulu.”

The Travel Report,
December, 1979. “Executive Traveler's Honolulu.”

The Travel Advisor, January, 1978. “Hotels of Hawaii: A critic's choices.”

Spirit of Aloha, January, 1978. “Snacks in the Sandwich Islands.”

The Travel Advisor, December, 1978. “Australia -- First Timer's Guide.”

New West,
October, 10, 1977. “Two Great Resorts," and “A Guide to the Other Hawaii.”