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"Bavaria's Mad Kings and Crazy Castles"

Text and photos By Robert W. Bone

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 Robert W. Bone

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Munich's Rathaus (city hall) seen from exiting subway.

Twin towers of the cathedral, the symbol of Munich. The vast Nymphenburg palace in a suburb of Munich. A school tour of the Nyphenburg Palace. Palace portrait Lola Montez, one of Lugwig I's paramours.
06-ludwigfirst 07-ludwig2 09-amalienburg-mirrors 10-schleissheim
06-ludwigfirst.jpg 07-ludwig2.jpg 08-ludwiglight.jpg 09-amalienburg-mirrors.jpg 10-schleissheim.jpg
Statue of King Ludwig I in Munich. Portrait of King Ludwig II, grandson of Ludwig I. A painting of Ludwig II in his  electric-lighted sleigh. Hall of Mirrors in the palace of Amalienburg, Munich. Schlessheim Palace is state gallery for Baroque paintings.
11-schleissheim-hall 12-schleissheim-ceiling 13-herreninsel 14-goldbed 15-oberammergau
11-schleissheim-hall.jpg 12-schleissheim-ceiling.jpg 13-herreninsel.jpg 14-goldbed.jpg 15-oberammergau.jpg
Schlessheim Palace is state gallery for Baroque paintings. Schlessheim Palace is state gallery for Baroque paintings. Herreninsel was the king's plan to duplicate Versailles. Gold bed of Ludwig II. Ball was his candle-lit night light. The village of Oberammagau, a tourism favorite in  Bavaria.
16-pontiuspilattehouse 17-passioncrown 18-linderhof-1 19-linderhof-2 20-linderhof-3
16-pontiuspilattehouse.jpg 17-passioncrown.jpg 18-linderhof-1.jpg 19-linderhof-2.jpg 20-linderhof-3.jpg
Oberammagau: wall-painted house called Pilatushaus, Costume worn by "Jesus" in  Oberammagau passion play.. Garden of Castle Linderhof, near Oberammagau. Ludwig II's Castle Linderhof, near Oberammagau. Detail in the garden of Castle Linderhof.
21-youngdancers 22-hohenschwangau-1 23-hohenschwangau-2 24-neuschwanstein 25-castledance
21-youngdancers.jpg 22-hohenschwangau-1.jpg 23-hohenschwangau-2.jpg 24-neuschwanstein.jpg 25-castledance.jpg
Young dancers perform in a traditional outdoor program held in Bavaria. Hohenschwangau, childhood summer home of Ludwig II. Hohenschwangau, childhood summer home of Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein castle, built by the Ludwig II near parents home. Erih Goessler & Thomas Guenter, in Bavarian dress near Neuwschwanstein.