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Click here to see my Author's Page on There you may read at least 20 positive reader reviews of Fire Bone! (Only about half of them are friends of mine or others who found their name in the book!) There you may order a standard, 348-page paperback copy. The list price is $16.95 but when I last looked, Amazon was discounting it to $13.79, plus shipping cost.

On the same page you may prefer to download a Kindle (e-book) copy (currently only $7.79). The Kindle version has a few more photos. Some are in color, if your Kindle, iPad or other tablet has color capability.

Autographs: Sorry, I haven't figured how to sign a Kindle copy yet! However, if you would like an autographed copy of the standard paperback, I'll be glad to do it. Use the address below to send me a check for $16.95 -- the official printed retail price. BUT fast shipping via USPS Priority Mail in a padded envelope is included to addresses in the U.S. at no extra charge. That will make the total financial outlay comparable to ordering from Amazon and paying shipping. If you include your email address, I'll confirm the shipping date. Priority mail usually takes two days after that.

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