30 images and captions to accompany the article submission, "Cunard Memories, 50 years apart."

Photos and text by Robert W. Bone

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01-scythia 02-scythia_outward 03-scythia_patterns 04-scythia_kids-1 05-scythia_kids-2 06-scythia_orah
01-scythia.jpg 02-scythia_outward.jpg 03-scythia_patterns.jpg 04-scythia_kids-1.jpg 05-scythia_kids-2.jpg 06-scythia_orah.jpg
07-scythia_show 08-scythia_silhouette 09-QM2docked 10-wightcrowd 11-wightcastle 12-preserver
07-scythia_show.jpg 08-scythia_silhouette.jpg 09-QM2docked.jpg 10-wightcrowd.jpg 11-wightcastle.jpg 12-preserver.jpg
13-atrium 14-lobby 15-bridgeview 16-queensgrill 17-goldlionpug 18-danceclass
13-atrium.jpg 14-lobby.jpg 15-bridgeview.jpg 16-queensgrill.jpg 17-goldlionpug.jpg 18-danceclass.jpg
19-terracebar 20-danceshow 21-amandareid 22-chefklaus 23-commodore 24-partytime
19-terracebar.jpg 20-danceshow.jpg 21-amandareid.jpg 22-chefklaus.jpg 23-commodore.jpg 24-partytime.jpg
25-bronze 26-wintergarden 27-corridor 28-finalwave 29-bone_tux 30-liberty
25-bronze.jpg 26-wintergarden.jpg 27-corridor.jpg 28-finalwave.jpg 29-bone_tux.jpg 30-liberty.jpg

01-RMS Scythia, in service from 1921 to 1958.

02-TheScythia leaves the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan behind.

03-Writer Bob Bone captured this study in composition on deck of the Scythia.

04-The Blunt End Kids. Bob Bone is the kid with head turned back toward the camera,

05-The Blunt End Kids near the end of the voyage. Bob Bone apparently feigns sadness that the trip is almost over.

06-Orah Moyal (now Orah Young), a fellow passenger who remains a friend to this day.

07-The Blunt End kids at a rehearsal of a skit for the  passenger talent show.

08-Bob Bone in silhouette form near end of the Scythia voyage.

09-The Queen Mary 2. (Docked in Honolulu earlier this year. Photo by Sara A. Bone)

10-Outward bound from Southampton, the QM2 attracts a crowd as it passes the Isle of Wight.

11-A castle on the Isle of Wight (?) seen from our balcony on the QM2.

12-Life preserver on the QM2 -- a designed that has not changed in 50 years.

13-The atrium on the QM2, which  prefers it to be called the Grand Lobby.

14-Detail on the Grand Lobby of the Queen Mary 2.


15-View of the balconies, etc., of the QM2 as seen from the bridge.16-Passengers entering the Queen's Grill, a two-story dining room.

17-The Gold Lion, a seagoing pub on the Queen Mary 2.

18-A popular dance class on the Queen Mary 2.

19-The open air Terrace Bar on the Queen Mary 2.

20-Stage show in one of the QM2 theaters.

21-Amanda Reid, assistant cruise director. (See story.)

22-Executive Chef Klaus Kremer (See story.)

23-Commodore Bernard ("Just call me Bernie") Warner master of the QM2.

24-Cocktail party in the Queens Room.

25-Decorative detail near the planetarium theater on the QM2.

26-Wintergarden lounge on the QM2.

27-QM2 cabin corridor -- not quite half a mile long.

28-Guests live it up during the final formal dinner.

29-Writer Robert W. (Bob) Bone in formal duds on the QM2

30-A welcome morning view from our balcony as the QM2 eases into its dock at Brooklyn. (Compare with image 02.)