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01-bigwave 02-greeting 03-headquarters 04-eurodam-1 05-eurodam-2
01-bigwave.jpg 02-greeting.jpg 03-headquarters.jpg 04-eurodam-1.jpg 05-eurodam-2.jpg
06-eurodam-3 07-funnel 08-atrium-1 09-atrium-2 10-winebar
06-eurodam-3.jpg 07-funnel.jpg 08-atrium-1.jpg 09-atrium-2.jpg 10-winebar.jpg
11-kruse 12-winetasting 13-queen 14-sculpture 15-rembrandt
11-kruse.jpg 12-winetasting.jpg 13-queen.jpg 14-sculpture.jpg 15-rembrandt.jpg
16-amsterdam 17-hamburgharbor 18-hamburg 19-stateroom 20-dusk
16-amsterdam.jpg 17-hamburgharbor.jpg 18-hamburg.jpg 19-stateroom.jpg 20-dusk.jpg


01-bigwave.jpg -- In Southampton, some crew-members of the Sea Princess opened up a door and used an outsize hand to wave to the new M.S. Eurodam as she left for Rotterdam.

02-greeting.jpg – In Rotterdam, the Eurodam is saluted by a fireboat as she arrives in port. In the background is the symbol of Rotterdam, the Erasmus Bridge, often called “the Swan.”

03-headquarters.jpg – The four-story former headquarters of  Holland-America (now the Hotel New York), as seen from the docking Eurodam. The ship draws an audience of weekend sight-seers along the shoreline.

04-eurodam-1.jpg – The Eurodam docked in Rotterdam.

05-eurodam-2.jpg – The Eurodam docked in Rotterdam. Many citizens of Rotterdam came out to see the new ship.

06-eurodam-3.jpg – The Eurodam docked in Rotterdam, as seen from the top deck of a sightseeing boat.

07-funnel.jpg – Holland-America’s logo decorates he funnel of the Eurodam.

08-atrium-1.jpg – The three-story atrium on the Eurodam.

09-atrium-2.jpg – The three-story atrium on the Eurodam.

10-winebar.jpg – The Pinnacle Wine Bar on Holland-America’s Eurodam.

11-kruse.jpg – Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland America, speaks at a press conference on board the Eurodam.

12-winetasting.jpg – A wine-tasting session in the Culinary Arts Center, on board the Eurodam.

13-queen.jpg – Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, with Captain Jeroen van Donselaar, master of the M.S. Eurodam,  and Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland-America, at the dedication officially naming the new ship.

14-sculpture.jpg – A modern sculpture made of computer board keys, exhibited in the Internet Café aboard the Eurodam.

15-rembrandt.jpg – Artwork reflection in the elevator door aboard the Eurodam appears to be the ghost of Rembrandt. Many classic works of art are exhibited throughout the ship.

16-amsterdam.jpg – A group from the ship traveled about an hour from by bus from Rotterdam to visit Amsterdam.

17-hamburgharbor.jpg – Hamburg harbor as seen from the approaching Eurodam.

18-hamburg.jpg – A group from the Eurodam rode an open-top, double-decker bus for a tour of Hamburg.

19-stateroom.jpg – A small, balcony stateroom aboard the Eurodam. (Many others are larger.)

20-dusk.jpg – Passengers returning by bus over the Rotterdam’s Erasmus bridge at dusk see the gleaming Eurodam waiting for them to reboard t he ship.