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Text and photos By Robert W. Bone

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 Robert W. Bone

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01: The first rays of dawn begin lighting up a  view of the Singapore waterfront, as seen from the Pan Pacific Hotel. Building under construction is the Sail @ Marina Bay, a deluxe designer condominium with large apartments selling at around $1000 per square foot.

02: view of the Singapore waterfront from the Pan Pacific Hotel. Hive-like buildings at lower right is the recently opened entertainment complex called Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.

03: Some high-living visitors can take a ride in a tethered balloon.

04: The fountain is in the shape of a Merlion, a fictitious animal that is the symbol of Singapore, also called the Lion City. It is a feature on the esplanade that fronts Marina Bay, next to a architecturally distinctive dining complex called One Fullerton.

05: The waterfront fountain is in the shape of a Merlion, a fictitious animal that is the symbol of Singapore, the Lion City.

06: The Singapore Flyer, opened in March, will be the world’s largest Ferris Wheel. Each of the 28 air-conditioned cars can hold 35 people.

07: The bronze statue of Sir Stamford Raffles in front of the Victoria Theatre.

08: The marble statue of Sir Stamford Raffles alongside the Singapore River.

09: Behind the strollers, the marble statue of Sir Stamford Raffles is alongside the Singapore River.

10: A walking bridge over the Singapore River and its sign are legacies from colonial days.

11:  A “bum boat” is one of many which takes sight-seers on rides on the Singapore River. On the far bank is Clarke Quay, a popular dining and strolling area, especially in the evenings.

12: The atrium of the Pan Pacific hotel. The lanterns celebrate Chinese New Year. The four pod-like objects are glass-walled elevators. The hotel is Singapore’s largest.

13: The most photographed man in Singapore – the head doorman of the Raffles Hotel.

14: Seen on the wall at Raffles, a small painting depicts the legendary hotel in the 19th century.

15: The courtyard of today’s Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Flowers are red ginger.

16: A visitor inspects a waterfall from the rear at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

17: The National Orchid Garden, a separate area within the Singapore Botanical Gardens. (RECHECK EXACT NAME).

18: Chinatown, a neighborhood in Singapore. The additional lights here are part of the Chinese New Year celebration.

19: Suddenly spotting this happy Buddha, this woman stopped to give him a lucky tummy rub.  A legend says that a person who rubs a happy Buddha’s belly will be rewarded with wealth and good luck.

20: A street corner in Singapore’s “Little India.”

21: Muscat Street, a pedestrian walk in Singapore.  The building at the end of the street is the Sultan Mosque, built in 1824.

22: Tay Li-Lin, an executive at the Pan Pacific Hotel, and two friends join forces to toss a Prosperity Yu Sheng salad with Shredded Duck, a traditional dish at Chinese New Year’s.  The lunch was at Hai-Tien-Lo, a Cantonese dining room on the 37th Floor.

23: An Indian curry lunch at the Banana Leaf Apolo, where the leaf substitutes for a plate.

24: It may be a well-regulated society, but Singaporeans can demonstrate a spirit of individual independence as well as anyone else. Nearby signs declare, “No eating and sitting on this area.” (These were construction workers on Singapore’s new Singapore Flyer giant wheel.)

25: The restaurant/night club Forbidden City has taken over a former Chinese temple on Clarke Quay.

26: A comedic vendor has an enthusiastic audience at his ice cream stand on Clarke Quay.

27: A accurate wax recreation of the 1941 British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese was made from photographs taken at the scene. (A nearby second tableau illustrates the opposite, when the Japanese surrendered four years later..)

28: A garden at the Sentosa, a tropical outdoor luxury spa operation on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

29: School children exit after an evening at the Night Safari, a special attraction at the Singapore zoo.

30: The brand-new Terminal 3 at Singapore’s Changi Airport. The building, opened near the end of 2007,  doubles as a large shopping mall. It serves passengers on many international flights including those between Singapore and the U.S.A.