"Travel Arts Spotlight: Devils and other Tasmanian Wildlife" 15 photos.

by Robert W. Bone 

Click on thumbnails below to bring up 15 full-size, high-resolution images suitable for downloading and reproduction.

Tamar River with vineyard in Tasmania.

Androo Kelly and juvenile wombat

Red-eared Tasmanian Devil
Tiger Bar pub at Mole Creek

The Tiger Bar pub at Mole Creek

Androo Kelly and Tasmanian Devil

Ill, but recovering koala

Junior roo gets a drink from Mom

Kookaburra, the "laughing jackass."

Stuffed Tasmanian Tiger

One of many tiger jokes.

Two Tassie tigers on local beer label

Fairy penguins in red flashlight beams.

Stuffed fairy penguin in the museum.

Gold mine in Tasmania

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