Every freelancer ought to have a web site

writer and photographer should have a web site to show editors and other professionals that we are proficient in our craft. Its address should be printed on business cards and stationery, and we should refer to it in our correspondence.

I AM A WRITER, and not a web designer. But I set up my own site, and I have done a few for others in these difficult times which call for efficient self-promotion..

SO I WILL CONSTRUCT a basic web site for any freelancer for a  low fee. For a basic $200 I will set up two pages -- one page with a picture or two,  a headline, and whatever text you want on that page -- plus a link to another original page, also with a picture or two and some text. 

IF YOU WANT some simple extras, like hyperlinks to other sites on the web, I'll include those, too, at no charge.

the text and the pictures. Then tell me approximately what you would like to see on those two pages.

IF YOU DECIDE you would like to have some additional pages on your site at any time either now or in the future,  the charge is still $100 per page.

ALLOW ME A WEEK or so to do the job, depending on other work. Meanwhile, you could arrange for your hosting service, or if you prefer, I will do it for you. 

YOUR PRESENT email internet service provider  probably owes you a certain number of megabytes for a home page. I'll upload these pages to your free space, if you want. Or we can arrange for your own domain name (highly recommended) along with an account with a separate hosting service.

is to establish a web presence. You can always make improvements and changes once the web address is up and on the screens of those whom you want to be informed about your abilities and talent.

PLEASE REMEMBER, this deal is for free lance writers only. You can go ahead and send me the information on what you'd like to see on your pages any time. But before I begin I'd have to have the 200 bucks down payment. I hope you understand.

PLEASE CONTACT ME at   travelwriter@robertbone.com, for more information.  Aloha. Bob Bone.

Years ago, I met a free-lancer who was trying to make a go of it -- with an unlisted phone number!  I believe today's equivalent of that mindset is marketing oneself without a web site. -- RWB

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